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Should a 13 year old have a phone? Answered

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Should a 13 year old have a phone? Yes, a 13-year-old should have a phone.

The answer is affirmative but the fact is not. There is no written or approved minimum age a teen should be given a phone at. Teens can be given a phone at any age because they are teens and not kids. They could easily handle a phone or so-called smartphone at their teenage. There is nothing parents should worry about. Moreover, age is defined by a lot of different factors. Some teens may need a phone urgently or others may just want it for time pass. Nothing is fixed, it completely depends upon you (parents) the age you want to handover them a cell phone. But it will be best and effective to handover a phone just after their 12th year of birth. Coz a teen is much mature, experienced and much understanding than a kid.

A cell phone is actually the breath of this 21st century. People are not using them but are breathing in them. The entire cell phone industry got a boom right after the introduction to smartphones. As the demand for these attractive smartphones increased, several different companies entered its market and which consequently skyrocketed its sales. Apart from the rest, teens were the first, known to use these phones, and now they are just breathing them in and out. In such a cell phone equipped era, not only adults but kids are also using these phones. And it has become a common gadget that could be seen in everyone's hand. Consequently, it has become difficult for us, to judge the right age for having that cell phone. Parents are confused with the same and they never care much for it.

Is a cellphone beneficial for a 13-year-old?

Cellphones are not only beneficial but are smarter than us. Just comment down stuff that it can't do. There is hardly anything that couldn't be done digitally with an ordinary smartphone. Everything from calling a friend to starting an online business. A smartphone can do everything, efficiently and without any mistake. Cell phones can be termed as a mobile computer, as you can carry them and move them also.

Coming to the 13-year-olds, cellphones are just like their pets. They carry them everywhere and mentioning them each will be inappropriate. This stuff is self-understood, you will easily get the meaning hidden in it if you are also 13. I can't list the benefits of a cell phone, it includes everything and the list may run years long. So in brief, I would like to say that, it will help you in your day to day life. Whether you require knowledge, you wanna learn something, you want to call your friend, text him/her, you wanna go somewhere, share something, create a greeting card, skype someone or set up your own online business. The cell phone can help you with everything, and the most important thing, it will always keep you updated in every sphere of life.

Stuff parents should question themselves prior to buying their 13-year-old a phone:

Even I have mentioned earlier that the criteria or age limit depends completely on the necessity and the situation. Still, the parents should question a number of things to themselves prior to giving a cell phone to their 13-year-olds.

1. Is your 13 years old responsible enough to have a phone?

Tips: The way they react to their day to day work will surely reflect it. If they are obedient to you, then they will also be responsible. Try to remember when they have lost stuff on their own. All these things will surely give you an idea if they are responsible or not.

2. Does your 13-year-old loses pens very often?

Tips: Try to remember the day when they have lost pens. If they use to lose them very often, then you should be aware of it. Test them by giving a bag or an umbrella and ask them to take it to the mall. If they lose pens very often, then they will lose them too!

3. Is your 13-year-old a tech-savvy person?

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Tips: Observe your teen and find out how long does he/she keeps in touch with his/her gadgets. Does he/she remains all day or goes sometimes to them? Does they like being with them or they like being outside?

4. Are they obedient in front of school teachers?

Tips: Ask some teachers about your kids, try to remember any conflict in their name, try to ask them about their teachers. Will they use phones in the class? Do they have social media accounts?

5. Are they loyal to there data usage?

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Tips: Keep an eye on your broadband's monthly bill, observe your kids and if they use the data unnecessarily, do they waste data, are they obedient to you?

6. Will your kid's fair use of the web?

Tips: Recall their behaviour, how do they usually behave, recall if their characters as a human, have they harassed anyone leaking videos or anything like that, have they ever being punished for it?

Having a count all the six questions will surely help you know about the stuff. Going through them will surely help you judging either to buy them a phone or not!

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

The right age of having a phone according to Bill Gates:

According to Bill Gates, the right age of having a phone is the high school age. Parents should wait for their kids to grow up to their highschool age before they could give them cell phones. Bill himself hasn't given the phone to their kids until they were 14 years old. Bill wants to confirm, that the kids should be at least 14 years old before they would be given with a cell phone. 14 years of age is the safest age, a kid should operate a cell phone at, coz it's the age when they became capable of using the smallest gadget ever.

Tech billionaire Bill Gates wants parents to be aware of their kids. And handover them phones only after 14. It will help them remain natural, young and free. Coz having a phone simply means 24 hours of engagement in them. None can restrict the teens from owning cell phones unless their parents want so. So, it is well-advised by Bill to hand over a phone to the kids, only after they become mature enough to have it.

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How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? Answered

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? You must be at least 18 years old to do so.

To deliver the orders of Doordash, you are required to be at least 18 years old. A person is required to be mature enough as similar to one who is 18 to deliver its orders. Apart from the age and like every other food delivering company, Doordash also wants the person to be highly punctual, capable of driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and loyal to his customers. Doordash is a US-based company and it will allow anyone who is 18 and have a little experience of time management to deliver its orders. But the person must have a smartphone and should register on the application prior to becoming a member of the food delivery system.

Some important FAQs for a dasher:

Delivering food is a hectic task and it requires a lot of management skills. As a dasher you have to be very punctual, know to cover distances fast and should also have a pleasant delivering behaviour. Being a dasher is not an easy task, and if you are a dasher or want to become one. You might have several different questions regarding it. Let's cover them one by one.

Q1. Can anyone become a dasher and deliver its orders?

Answer: No, not anyone but only those who are 18 or older can deliver for the company.

Q2. Which kind of vehicle can be used while delivering orders?

Answer: The dasher could use any type of vehicle (two/three/four-wheelers). But he/she must have a clean life record, along with a valid driving license and most importantly valid insurance. Any vehicle including bikes, cycles, motorcycles, cars etc. will be allowed. But they are required to be listed in the 'Info On your city" list.

Q3. What if I face an accident during delivery?

Answer: If a dasher meets an accident while delivery. Then he/she will be taken care of under the occupational accident coverage. This coverage contains a lot of health-related benefits and reliefs. Most importantly, it will help you with your medical expenses, disability threats and survivor benefits.

Q4. Does Doordash expect its dashers to have their own insurance?

Answer: Yes, Doordash wants a contractor like you to maintain his/her own insurance. The person should maintain the insurance in terms of its amount and its types as per the demand of the law. The person should maintain the insurance and also should keep it updating after the required time periods.

The answer to How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? is easily covered, isn't it!

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

Tips for a dasher to handle pick up and drop off's:

As a dasher, you will come across a lot of orders. In order to be an efficient dasher, you must follow the below list prior to handling any case of picking up and dropping off an order:

  • Always try to manage your time. Reach the store and pick up the order a few minutes before the pickup time. Have a healthy contact with the customer and inform him/her on arrival. Make sure to call the customer just before ten minutes of arrival. Apart all, if you do not feel good to deliver an order, just inform the store beforehand so that someone else can do your job for that day.
  • Make sure to have an eye on the items you are picking up. Double-check the order given on the application along with the customer's name. Never touch any item other than those listed on the respective order ID.
  • Just be sure about the items being delivered. Match them with the items listed on the application. They should be exactly the same as ordered. Never take anything extra or wrong. If doubtful, ask the merchant to check the items prior to every delivery.
  • To serve the customer better, grab some freebies like a fork, some utensils, napkins, tissues, soups or any other add ons.
  • For reaching the delivery spot quick, follow the GPS and if still doubtful, just communicate with the customer beforehand.

How to deliver the orders in the safest way?

  • Just deliver as if your family needs it. In other words, deliver the food item with proper care and supervision. If possible ask for a hot bag to keep the food items fresh, safe and entirely secure. Apply general physics, and make sure to place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top. Place them carefully on the vehicle before starting off.
  • Make sure to identify and separate sensible food items. Keeping hot and the cold items separate from each other will be really helpful. And it will obviously reduce the risk of food damage.
  • Make sure to not disturb the food items while delivering it to the concerned. Never tamper the seal or try to taste it either.

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

What about batched orders?

For your kind information, batched orders are orders that come in the same route of delivery. It is considered as a golden chance of earning more money delivering a single order.

  • To get its full benefits, the dasher is required to follow the colour codes prior to delivering the orders. Make sure to have a good look at the "Current dash" section of your application. Coz it will contain all the orders in their respective colour codes only.
  • Make sure to put a note after each delivery and mark it bold. It will simply help you to keep a record about the orders you have already delivered and the orders you haven't.
  • On successful deliveries of these orders, you will earn a good amount of money and it will be a good reward for your day's work.

What should a dasher wear?

Being a dasher is a difficult task. Along with managing time and deliver orders the dasher should also have a good sense of his dressing style. He or she is not required to wear a suit, boots and tie, but should always come in a normal dress. It should be nicely washed, nicely ironed and should not look funny.

Moreover, the dressing sense is completely unignorable because the dasher should be well dressed and well-groomed. Otherwise, the merchant will refuse to give him a catering bag to pick the orders in.

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Can a 17 year old test drive a car? Answered

Can a 17 year old test drive a car?

Can a 17 year old test drive a car? The answer is no, a 17-year-old can't test drive a car. In most of the countries including our Unites States of America, every person willing to test drive a car must be at least 18 or older. 

Any person who is younger than 18, and is willing to test drive a car prior to buying it will simply be prevented from doing so because it's the vehicle law. And if you are not 18, you will be considered too young to test drive a car and buying it will simply become your dream. The only thing that this 18-year law signifies is that you are required to be mature enough to buy and ride a car. The formal law of America doesn't consider a person younger than 18, suitable for doing this job. He or she must be at least 18 to get hands-on it.

It is normal to test drive any car prior to buying it. We all want to try the vehicle before finalising its purchase. People must test drive the vehicle but the law mandates him or her to be at least 18 years old. Age is restricted because the government wants reduced accidents. It is very aware of the system and will never allow any fault in it. Allowing young drivers and young people driving their private cars may result in car accidents. Coz they don't have the required experience in driving a car. Controlling two-wheelers is easy as teens have their previous experience of riding and controlling bicycles. But controlling any four-wheeler will simply be a difficult task for them. They may know to drive it but will never know to control it, however. Can a 17 year old test drive a car? is answered clearly, Isn't it!

Effect of driving license on your age:

You all may have come across the term driving license. Aren't you? Like all other licenses, the driving license is the license that is required to be issued by every person who owns a vehicle and drives it. The police or related authorities may ask for it whenever you are driving out on the road. And failing to show the same may force you to pay penalties. Driving license is one of the most important components of any driver's life. It is required to be carried life long with the vehicle. The driving license is required to be refilled every five years. And it should be done at the earliest for prevention of faults.

Talking particularly about its effect on age will simply be a joke. Because it doesn't have any effect on your age. It is checked only to verify your age and not to compromise it. Driving license can't help you with test driving your car, coz the license is issued only after you are 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, no agency will issue you a driving license, being 18 years old is a mandatory age limit. It should be followed at any cost and in our country America, it is strictly checked.

Does going straight to test drive a car recommended?

No, going straight to test drive a car is never recommended. Before going for a test drive you should know the basics of a car. The basic controls it requires to get driven and get controlled. It is very necessary to coz the entire driving system is dependent on it. The graph of accidents, tragedies and misfortunes will increase highly if it is ignored. The best thing for any person (any teen) to do it, is to firstly take a valid driving license and then proceed with the test drive. The person may be a teen or maybe 20+, but passing the driving exam keeps him/her in the safe zone. Having suitable knowledge about the vehicle and the art of driving it is quite necessary.

But it should also be noted that the dealership of your car also plays an important role in it. Even if you are 18 or 18+ but your dealership have a different age limit, then you will be straightly informed. Along with having a valid license, you are also required to meet the age requirements of your respective dealership. Coz the vehicle is owned by them and since there are various different car manufacturing companies. The minimum age restriction is not uniform and it varies according to the dealerships near you. So it is recommended to do clear research before buying a car from your nearby showrooms.

Do you know why dealerships have a minimum age limit to allow people to test drive their car? The answer is simple. If people are coming to buy a car and asking to test drive it. Then it never means that they will surely buy the car. The person may or may not buy the car, and due to its uncertain probability. The person may use the car for doing fun or if the driver is underage, he or she may crash the car. It may be risky as there are several risks of road accidents and damage to life. And in return, the dealers have to rely on their insurance policies and use it for recovering the damages of the car. It will be a total loss for the dealers and the entire company also. So, it is always required to meet their age requirements prior to jumping on the test drive part.

Can a 17 year old test drive a car?

Tips for a smart test driver while testing the car:

  • If you are asked to test drive a car along with a dealership employee then it's perfect. But if you are asked to test drive entirely alone, then you are required to ask them if the vehicle has insurance. And if it covers all the damages caused by any kind of accident.
  • If you are with or without a dealership employee for the test drive. Ask him/her to explain all the controls of the car, and if the model is new to you. Ask the employee to be with you to prevent serious damages or accidents. The main focus should be given to the steering and the gears only.
  • For a safe test drive, always use the agency's empty grounds. If they ask you to run the car on highways or busy roads. Never allow them and convince them to allow you to drive on the grounds only. It will be empty, free and will reduce the risk of car accidents.
  • Apart from all other stuff, the driver must have a good focus on the car's acceleration. Prior to going to the highways, make sure to check the type of acceleration it has. The way it responds to brakes, the way it runs after shifting gears. And most importantly how the steering wheel changes the car's direction.

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How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself? Answered

How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself?

How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself? Airlines will allow any kid who is at least 5 to a teen who is at least 14.

Any passenger who is 5 years or older is allowed to get on a plane and fly alone. But the story takes a twist when it comes to the various different airlines. Every single airline service has its own rules and its own restrictions. The rules and laws vary from region to region, country to country and even continent to continent. People like you and me must go through their guidelines prior using any of their airline services. So, a kid who is not a baby and is 5 years or older can enjoy his/her trip flying solo. This modern era is modernising every single second, and the same is happening to the parenting system. Parents can allow their 5-year-old to enjoy his/her vacation, trip, visit or journey entirely alone. I don't think there is anything new for these 21st-century kids.

By the way, those children who are attempting to fly alone are formally termed as Unaccompanied minors or simply UMs. On simply doing a google search, Unaccompanied means those who don't have a companion or escort, whereas minors mean individuals with less importance. So, UM means individuals who are flying without a companion and are of less importance! Isn't that sound inferior? Just to say, these guys are the bravest ones! Talking particularly about the age, kids lying between the age of 5 and 14 only, are termed as unaccompanied minors. However, the age group is not fixed, it varies again with the airline services present out there.

Who are unaccompanied minors (UMs)?

According to Wikipedia, the unaccompanied minors or UMs are referred to those kids who are spotted without any parent or guardian by law. In full formal language, UMs are them, who are either separated from their parents or their relatives. They are known to be not cared and bothered by any of their known parents or relatives. However, relatives are just an exception, kids who are not taken care of by their parents or are separated from them due to any reasons are called unaccompanied minors.

But the Immigration law has some other declarations. According to the active immigration law in any country, children who have arrived from any foreign country and who are younger than 18 years of age are generally termed as unaccompanied minors or UMs. Provided that they have no known adult to take care after them. Please make sure that the term UM is only applicable to the foreign residents who are 18 years or below by age. Any person who is older than 18, is defined as a refugee and not as an unaccompanied minor or UM.

Laws are always bitter, aren't they? Guys those who are reading this post, please don't go with the above two paragraphs. The term UM is only referred to a kid who is not with his parents, that's it! So, never disallow your kids to fly alone after reading the so-called laws! How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself is a simple question to answer, isn't it!

Age restrictions by airlines for those who fly alone (UMs):

1. Lufthansa: The Lufthansa airline service allows only those passengers who lies between 5 to 11 years of age to fly alone in a plane. Provided that the passengers are along with a 12-year-old companion. Lufthansa also supports those teens who lie between 12 and 17 years of age to fly without any escort support. However, the escort service provided by Lufthansa is suitable for people like you and me. They charge up to 60 euros for escorting within Europe and charges up to 100 euros for flying between continents.

2. Wizz Air: According to the Wizz Air guidelines, the passenger must be at least 14 years old to fly alone in a plane. Anyone who is younger than 14 will not be entertained in the queue. Wizz Air also directs these teens to surely come with a companion or caretaker who is 16 or older. And all of them must appear under the same reservation.

3. Virgin Atlantic: The passenger must age between 5 to 12 years of age to use their services. The age group is valid only when the passenger(s) have filled the unaccompanied minors form with a valid signature of their parents. And those who are 5 years old or younger, need to be companied by a teen who is at least 16 years old. Moreover being a punctual airline, it demands the passengers to check-in at the perfect time. Any kind of delay will not be entertained by their respective authorities. To escort the UMs, the Virgin Atlantic will not charge anything extra but will treat the kid's tickets as of adult ones.

4. British Airways: The escort free British Airways demands the passenger to be at least 14 years old to fly alone internationally in a plane. But the condition is that prior to the reservation they have to provide a legit and valid consent of their parents or caretakers.

5. Flybe: Flybe allows only those passengers who are aged between 12 to 16 years of age to fly alone, provided no adult companion is required. The person can fly only when the seat is booked in advance. The passenger must book their seats before 2 - 3 months prior to the actual journey date.

6. KLM: KLM allows passengers between 5 to 14 years old to travel completely alone. Only under the reservation of the unaccompanied minor service. However, those who are 15 or older can fly entirely alone internationally. The escort service is completely optional, no hard and fast rule to opt for an escort service.

7. Aer Lingus: The airline of Aer Lingus have restricted the age to only 12 years for flying solo. But it has also got some fancy rules for separate age groups. Those whose age lies between 12 to 15 can travel without any companion. But those who are older can only fly after the submission of the form of indemnity by parents. But those who are younger can only fly with the company of a 16-year-old teen.

Is it safe to leave your kid to fly alone?

The answer is no. It's not safe to leave your kid to fly alone. But it will become a recommendation if you as a parent follow the following steps:

  • Kids are never kids if they know a couple of stuff. Before leaving your kid alone to enjoy his/her solo journey, you must make them aware of the outer world. The risks and disadvantages involved in it. They must be aware of the dangers and harms of flying alone.
  • Prior to sending your kids to an air journey, make sure they know their destinations clearly. They must have their reservation ticket with them, they must have their cell phones fully charged, they must have their food with them and should know the airport conditions.
  • Kids should always go out with an adult companion. And if not available, may know the negative facts. Flying alone may involve the risks of kidnapping, torture and other risks. Those kids who don't have their adult companion should always travel with a proper escort service. It will help them with their journey and with their time management.
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Things every teenager should know before leaving home [USEFUL GUIDE]

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

Things every teenager should know before leaving home. Whether this year or after a few, teens have to leave their home at least once. This is a kind of destined fact in every teenager's life. They have to leave their home, their family, at least once in their lifetime. Reasons may vary individually, but the fact is unignorable. And the same may be extremely challenging for some - they may find it like biting iron nails for the same. Whereas it may be a piece of cake for others. They maybe use to such hurdles, leaving outside is not a big deal for them.

However, life is full of challenges, and we can't get them when we are in the comfort of our home. Once we step out, we get to know the outer world - the challenges, the hurdles it consists of. Moreover, teens are among the growing individuals in any society. They are just growing and evolving to become the fittest individual. And in such an instant, leaving home and staying alone is literally a herculean task.

But it should also be noted that the more you fall the more you get. In other words, until and unless one faces hurdles, steps out and tries their best, they can't get a thing. Moreover, humans are the only living beings to adapt to any type of environment. The level of difficulties, hurdles and challenges doesn't matter. That implies that humans (particularly teens) can get used to the day to day challenges one faces after leaving home easily.

And the easiest way to do this is to know following stuff prior to anything of your's choice:

1. Communication: Teens should know the right way to communicate, the right way to talk. Humans are social beings, and talking is the first most one should know to survive. Until and unless you know to communicate well, you can't get your work done. As we know, that it's the word of mouth. That decides enemies and friends, it is the way you talk - that creates enemies and even converts enemies to friends. You just have to learn the art of talking & the right way to address people. You should know the correct way of addressing people according to their age and authority. Living out your home requires good communication skills. It is the first member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

2. Cooking:
Even if several different food services and expensive restaurants are in your contacts. You should know to cook at least one dish. That you could eat and satisfy your normal appetite. You should learn cooking beforehand, as it is the most fundamental prerequisite. Since humans can't live without food at all. Teens must know to cook a dish completely. However, instant noodle and instant cookies are also a good option to go after!

3. Your parent's cell number: Apart from your girlfriend's or boyfriend's number, you must remember the mentioned. Your parents are your supreme superiors and you should know their cell numbers. Don't always depend on your cell phone's contact diary. It's recommended to remember them only. You may lose your cellphone but not your brain. Since emergencies never do a notified arrival, you must save their contacts beforehand.

4. Maintain your self budget: Leaving home provides freedom or grief? It is not that easy to say! Isn't it. But in general, you are out of home and you have none to interfere. So, don't misuse this opportunity, don't wander and waste your money on anything. You should strictly maintain your budget for the entire time you live outside. Killing your bank balance for unnecessary, though attractive stuff will be just digging your own grave.

5. Avoid strangers: Strangers are everywhere, just look around and they are in millions. So, you should avoid strangers at all. You are outside your home, and hence your culture also. You may find new people in that place. It will be great if you control your emotions and not interact with them. It will be beneficial as remaining away from strangers helps you remaining free of conflicts. Never interact with anyone you don't know. However, it is the fifth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

6. Control your temper:
Among all other advises, it is the most crucial one. Temper is the adjective that defines you and your background. If you lose it and react accordingly, you may face several different difficulties. So, you should control your temper even in the worst conditions. And since you are in a place far from home, creating savage relations may end you up. It may destroy you and your career forever. So, never-ever trap in it.

7. Be a little mechanic: In case you have to travel frequently. You may require a car and need to drive it alone. So, as you are out of your home and no one is there to help you. You should have a little knowledge of your vehicle. Not everything but general knowledge of fixing stuff. Like dealing with punctures, the oil tank, accelerator and most importantly your brakes. Vehicles help you to travel easily but not always!!

8. Focus on your work: The world is full of distractions, you should stay away from them. You are out your home, and none is there to care for you. So, you should focus on your work only. You shouldn't focus on unnecessary stuff. Doing that will simply ruin your time, and you will be unable to do that, what you have come for. Working alone and with all your attention can only help you. However, it is the sixth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

9. Never go with weird friends: You are working or studying outside. Undoubtedly you will have friends, or you may want to make some. So, chose them carefully. Never go with any type of weird friends. Never follow their thoughts, if they are weird then their thoughts will also be. So, kindly chose your friends wisely and never react to their plans.

10. Self-hygiene: Teens are never perfect with their hygiene. And leaving out without their parents will simply be unhygienic. Teens should maintain their personal hygiene prior to everything. Being dirty and unclean may help diseases enter your body. So, cut your nails (don't bite them), dress your hair, bath regularly and eat healthy. However, it is the tenth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

11. Eating habits: You should compromise with your eating habits. Since you are out your home and your mom is not there to help you. You are required to eat healthily and maintain your health as much as you can. Neither overeat nor undereat, just stick to the normal. You should eat healthily, drink healthy and even excrete healthily. Try to stick to a balanced diet, and never cut your calorific foods. Keep junk food once or twice a week and fruits daily!!

12. ATM and credit cards: You must have good knowledge of your bank account. You are without your guardians, and anyone can take full advantage of it. So try to remain free from all of them and do your stuff wisely. In order to deal with several different financial transactions, you are required to have a decent knowledge of your credit cards. Its account number, passwords, pins and other details should be in your permanent memory. And most importantly, you are not advised to share the details at all. However, it is the twelfth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

13. Never take relationships seriously: It's a common problem among teens, they do relationships and get upset quickly. You know, if there is a relationship, there will be fights. And if fights began to take gear, happiness will disappear. So, you should take relationships lightly, and not seriously. Because doing that will either end you or your career completely. The relationship is a trap that is attractive enough to get trapped in. But it's nasty as a quicksand, you will simply end up falling in it.

14. Become responsible: People are known and recognised by their respective characters. You should become a responsible individual. And since, you are out your comfort zone, you can't live without gaining trust. Imagine nobody believing you due to your character. So, become responsible and do your work as neatly as you can. Never let other's speak wrong about you, just be the person you want others to be. However, it is the fourteenth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

15. Transport system: If you are unaware of the transport system operating in your region. Living out will be a real pain in the butt. Transports are always necessary, no matter where you live. And this useful system is often deceptive. So you must be aware of it and save yourself from frauds happening within it. Moreover, you must have a good understanding of vehicles. As it will help you choose the best vehicle - in terms of safety and convenience also.

16. Punctual: Punctuality is one of the most important quality one should master. Being a teen it will be highly beneficial for you. Keeping your work up-to-date and being punctual with it will simply award you success. So, prior to your plan to leave your home, just practice being punctual. It is one of the best stuff one should practice in times of living alone.

17. Knowledge about surroundings: You are moved to a new place and you are about to live there. So you are required to know the basic stuff about your surroundings. The shops, markets, people - operating around you. Also, make sure to build a healthy connection with all of them. Don't let yourself be the prey of situations that are deceptive, and are untrustable. Keep a healthy connection with your neighbours, peers, friends and most importantly your house owner(s).

18. Being independent: Teens are delicate and can't stay without others help. It maybe helps your friends, peers or your seniors. You are expected to remain independent and free from all. But make sure that your independent nature should not be exposed. People shouldn't know about your nature. Otherwise, you will be excluded from the centre of help and serve. You are required to remain independent internally not externally.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

19. Kitchen devices: Other than other advice, you are also advised to have a decent knowledge about the kitchen devices. Apart from routine meals every day, eating something else is also there. So in such a case, you may have to operate the devices to make something. It demands your basic knowledge about the devices and their different modes. It will not help you clear an electrical exam. But save your snack appetite becoming the prey of dusty street foods.

20. Be aware of cops: Make sure to keep a safe distance from cops or related services. You are out your home and not under your parent's guidance. Make sure to follow law and order. Never argue with a cop or the system. Messing with such systems can worsen your life and your career too. Make sure to avoid that entirely!

21. Carry your own first-aid: Situations can't be trusted on, you are required to carry your own first-aid. First of all, never engage in activities that have a probability to physically hurt you. Just do your work wisely and with a cool mind. Never involve in violence, fights or other related stuff. In case, you get injured accidentally, use your own first aid.

22. Learn self-defence: Teens are unaware of this world, every minute something unusual is happening. You are just required to learn self-defence to protect yourself. However, it is one of the (extras) of our list. You are required to know some awesome self-defending moves. It may be physical or maybe mental. Just use your body or your mind to save yourself.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

23. Time management:
It is also an important skill one needs to master. Teens are required to manage their time and should do stuff accordingly. It is well known that successful people always manage their time while doing stuff. Teens are also required to do the same. And when there is no one to care about you, your time managing skills will only care for you. However, it is the last member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

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100 goals for a teenager || The top 100 to choose from!!

100 goals for a teenager

100 goals for a teenager. Teenage is the most delicate time of any person's life. It is the time when we are just growing up. We are not aware of the outside world, neither bad nor good, we haven't tasted them at all. Teenage is the phase of life that have converted babies to either legend or to slumdogs. However, the mediocre group is just an exception. Decision taken and implemented during the teen years is the most crucial ones. However, for a teen itself, it is a kind of gamble. They must set up goals and step forward to accomplish them. However, setting a very correct goal is the most important thing to do. Bad goals and bad goal setting will only worsen your situation. Good should be followed to get good. Nothing can replace the worth of a good goal set up for the time to come.

You know what, a human's life span roughly varies from 60 to 70 years only! Extracting the best out of it has just become a necessity. We are required to analyse this time and put it in its best use. Teenage is the best time to do so. You must set your goals, ambitions and move forward with them. You may wanna achieve anything in your life, the only thing you need to do. Is to simply set up your goals and discuss and verify them with your elders. However, setting goals alone wouldn't help you. You are required to work for it. Leave everything going around you: the parties, the relationships, the trips etc. You are only required to focus on your stuff, your craft and make it better and better. Having great respect, and concern for our readers. We at ( have brought you the most important ( or say fancy) goals to conquer as a teen.

In order to go live with them, just keep scrolling down, until you reach the end:

100 goals for a teenager

1. Build a reading habit: Teens are required to do it. Apart from those having exceptional and rewardable talents. Most of the teens are dependent on their education to set up a career. In order to do good in exams and academics, teens must put up a healthy reading habit. They must become self willing to read. However, the best way to do it is to simply enjoy reading. The stuff you enjoy the most absorbs most of your time. So, substitute your that kinda stuff with reading. If you began to love reading as a teen. You will be forever alive and kicking!!

2. List your strengths: The only thing one remains alive with is his/her strengths. You are required to know or discover your strengths. The stuff you are good at or those you have never failed at. Are the most expected members of your list. Pick a notebook and note down your strengths in it. Never try to hide anything from yourself. By doing so you will not harm anyone, but only yourself. So, be honest, be transparent and be loyal to your only self. List them all and try to increase its length every 365 days of your life. 2nd member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

3. Become a tech-savvy person: With a very belief of space wars, we advise teens to do as mentioned. Not a single domain of our life is out of technology. We are required to adapt ourselves with the technology. Since our upcoming generations will fight in the space. Technology has become a fundamental unit of our lives. And with every minute passing by, it's collection is getting huge contributions. Imagine life in space and you inside a spaceship. The floating vehicles, ships, spacecraft. The future will spell space colonies instead of streets. To become that capable, just dissolve technology inside you. 3rd member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

4. Visit an unvisited place: Moving to something light and least crucial! As a teen, you must visit a place you have never visited before. In my opinion, don't choose those dreamlands. Disneylands, fairylands or anything like that. They are all spotted places and if not physically, you have already visited them virtually. Just chose a street or colony near to your house. You must be aware of your people and culture living near you. Dreamlands and fairylands are only alive in dreams. Even visiting them physically never counts that much. 4th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

5. Deliver a lecture: The shaking legs must remind you of stage fear. Isn't it? As a teen none of us is perfect and facing a big crowd seems to be a herculean task. As a teen, you are required to deliver a lecture in front of people. Either go with your school stage or with your college. Just stand straight, and speak your thoughts aloud. It will help you with your speaking and communicating skills. Moreover, will decrement your stage fear and create a strong social identity. Doing this as a teen will literally be a great start. 5th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

6. Start parkour: FYI parkour is a military styled movement given training of. Admire this beautiful movement style, and learn it. Parkour is a great sport to learn. It will not only boost your body metabolism but also help you move fast. Parkour was designed for soldiers to cross difficult war places fast and in the most efficient way. As a teen, nothing could be better than parkour to grow athleticism inside. Moreover, a parkour doing person looks great doing his/her parkour moves. Boost your energy and strengthen your bones in the teenage only. 6th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

7. Learn to code: Computers are also a fundamental part of our life. Earlier it was seen informal places only. But nowadays, there is no building built without a computer. So, along with using them one is also required to instruct them. Machines are required to be instructed and teens must gain mastery in it. The future is going to be computerized and we will face space fights. It is a necessity for teens to learn and implement coding to solve real-life problems. Moreover, an advanced teen can only stand an advanced teenage. 7th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

8. Make an ice-cream: If summers are near, you must save your pocket money. Rather buy it from the stall, go through some tutorials. And make an ice-cream for yourself. Having the sun above your head, shinning bright. Nothing seems better than a self-made ice-cream. Isn't it? Add all the flavours you know and put the cream above it. Lick it easy and just cool your body and soul!!

9. Plant some flowers: Being a nature lover is a good sign for teens. Apart from schooling and doing homework. One must sort their routine such that they could spend time in their garden. Gardening is a great hobby and precisely planting flowers deserves applause. Flowers not only add beauty but also freshens the air around your house. However, a teen should always remember that planting is holy work. One must put enough time in planting plants and helping nature with its plant count. 9th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

100 goals for a teenager

10. Exercise: It is one of the most crucial goals a teen must-have. Exercise is awareness towards health and its well being. Starting it right from your teenage will be awardable for your future. Due to various electronic entertainment sources. Teens are most likely to suffer from obesity. And to eradicate it completely, the tenth member of this list is crucial. As the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) says: "Get out of your comfort zone and work your ass off ". Never let your luxuries harm your health. You only have one life and only one chance to look after your health. So, use it wisely!!

11. Score a goal: Football is a popular sport and its millions of teen fans have made it so. Scoring goals in international matches is not that easy. But as a teen one must try this game at the local level at least once. Try it, play it, enjoy it and score a goal by yourself. Don't always be the goalkeeper or the referee. Go a step ahead, plan a goal within half time and just score it without fail. Scoring a goal counts and contributes to your brand new teen fame. 11th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

12. Ride a monster-truck: Never let your teen years pass without riding it. Monstertruck is a must vehicle for teens to ride on. They are heavy, stylish and worthy. As a teen one must have a ride on it. It's thrilling to ride a monster-truck as a teen. The huge tyres that it runs on really impart a thrilling experience. Moreover, the noise made by the engine and its parts is really strong. They may give you a shock but riding it will be really fun. 12th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

13. Rock the music: Since you are a teen and young. You should take it as a must. Hear the beats provided by the music and just fire the floor with your dance moves. Dance as much as you can, it will help you enjoy and celebrate. As they say: The right time to celebrate never comes, we have to create them on our own!! Dance and enjoy, release your stress and just feel the good side of your existence. 13th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

14. Climb a hill: Climbing is alive since our birth time. Every second day we used to climb as a kid. But now, since we are teens. We must try our best to climb a hill. Rock climbing and hill-climbing are very thrilling adventure sports. If you practise them and become used to them only as a teen. You are all set to face life adventures and hurdles in your life. The way we struggle to climb a hill or a rock. Simply provides us with the knowledge to do the same with our lives. 14th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

15. Bake a bun: Your mom does it every time you want it. But guys, this shouldn't be the case. You are required to become independent in all aspects. Whether it be cooking food or baking a bun. Teens are required to learn the tactic behind it. Moreover, eating anything made by your own is simply awesome. So, bake a bun, slice it and put all your toppings in it. Including veggies, sauces, butter etc. and just enjoy having it prior to anyone else!!!

16. Eat an entire chicken: You have just kickstarted your life. You are now in the teen years. Having a sequential growth in your size. You may have also increased your eating capacity. As a fun activity and to test your appetite. You must try eating an entire cooked chicken (not at once, but one in 24 hours). It is a treat to your intestines, and also a matter of fun. You will feel like a giant food going inside you. But believe me, it's very fun for you and your tastebuds too. 16th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

17. Go hitchhiking: Hitchhiking is a great adventure tour for anyone. And if you are a bit grown up, it will be a perfect adventure for you. Just carry your bag, camera and food. Step out of your home and start your hitchhiking from your locality only. Take your friends if you think so, or just go alone. Make sure to record all your adventures to have a preview of them later. Share the recordings and experiences with your family and friends. Enjoy every moment you are outside your home and just feel the adventure. 17th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

18. Learn a foreign language: Everything is just known to you until they belong to the other side of the border. In order to remain international, you must be aware of the world. Even if you go to foreign countries the firstmost thing required by you is the language. You must know their language, and as a teen, it will be a plus point for you. You should be capable of speaking and understanding that language. So, in your teen years, you must learn a number of foreign languages. They will help you with your vocabulary and speaking skills. 18th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

19. Visit a church: Being a teen and not being familiar with a church is simply weird. You must visit the nearest church you know. These are holy places, and keeping in touch with them is your life's first most priority. You must know your religion, the place where God lives and must have a celestial connection with the almighty. Visiting a church is not a kind of goal, but it should be a regular practice for teens. Teens are required to visit a church once or twice a week. 19th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

100 goals for a teenager

20. Talk to a soldier: As a teen, you must be aware of the soldiers. They are the people protecting our nation from the enemies. As a teen, you must talk to a soldier. And ask necessary questions you want to know the answers about. Meet a soldier and know how tough their lives are. While talking to them, you will come to know that they never do a job. They are actually in a mission of protecting your's nation. Money and luxuries never count for them. The only thing they seek for is respect, gratitude and support. 20th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

21. Visit a science train: I don't know if you have already or not. Visiting a science train or an RV is simply awesome. It is a kind of treatment for those, who love science and its miracles. Science is actually a great subject for teens. There are a lot of subjects science particularly covers. And factually, all of them are amazingly interesting. Science is a practical subject, and watching it working live, is simply artistic. Above all, science trains and RVs are must to be visited by teens. 21st member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

22. Score the high score: In case you are a video game addict. You should never enter your twenties, without scoring your desired high score. Play that game, let the screen show game over. But never give up until you reach that score you always wanted to score. Teens are required to arrange their stuff before that. You may order some gaming chairs or an adequate joystick. Buy the required tools and headphones to have a healthy game and communication with the fellow players. Don't leave without scoring your's high score!

23. Stay shirtless for a day: It is a challenge cum goal for male teens. They are expected to remain shirtless for a day. Vests or any other body covers are not allowed. This challenge will help you know your dedication and strength. Make sure to do it in the winters, otherwise, there will be nothing to be tested. As a teen, it will be quite challenging due to your underdeveloped body. Since teens have a lot to get developed in the coming future. 23rd member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

24. Prepare a speech: Speech writing is a basic grammar practice. Teens should be capable of preparing speeches on their own. This is a great plus point towards their education edge of life. Writing and thinking in any domain simply demands knowledge. And to increase your knowledge you must start preparing speeches. It will brush up your existing knowledge as well as help you add more to it. However, as a teen, speech writing is a noble task also. 24th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

25. Cut through the internet for 24 hours: There will be no humour, addressing teens as internet worms. Most of them are known to spend their whole day on it. Mobiles, computers, tablets, PCs are just a medium for it. Teens are required to practice a 24-hour challenge. To simply cut through each and every internet operable device known (mobiles, PCs, computers etc.) A 24-hour cut through will help you give time in other domains. You can use the same time reading books, gardening, watching television or playing any sport. 25th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

26. Quarantine yourself for a week: It will be tough for all the teens. As it demands staying in the room for seven straight days. No friends, no games, no parks, no hanging out. You are required to stay indoors for complete seven days. All you have access to is to your books, video games, television and your mobile. It will be a challenging goal, isn't it?

27. Do some charity: Find some time from your busy schedule to contribute to charity. Charity is great karma to start as a teenager. It ignites kindness, love and care for the needy. Charity is the kindest work known to exist in this world. Gather whatever you have, and distribute it to the poor and needy. Help those who have little or nothing to live or continue their lives with. But before going for charity, remember that charity begins at home.

28. Feed a bird: Nature is a part of yours, and you are a part of it. So, being a part of this connected ecosystem. You are required to help every other living being you find around. But birds must be given the firstmost priority. Due to their cute looks and small size. They should be fed by you. Doing this will impart positive energy towards you and blessing are just an addon. Teenage girls are more likely to do this prior to any notification. It is good karma and every one of you should do it.

29. Drive a car: Hire a car or collect the keys from your dad. Enter the car, insert the keys and roll the steering. Drive, drive and drive. Driving a four-wheeler is a great evolution followed by that tiny bicycle. A teen-driving a car sounds good and it is great stuff to do. Teens must practice driving in open grounds prior to driving it in the main roads. They need to enjoy driving along with the speed they attain while moving the vehicle!!

100 goals for a teenager

30. Dust your room: A teen must be very fast and responsible. Moreover, to become an idle teen, one must start from cleaning their own room only. Dust your room, assemble all the stuff in their respective places and clean it regularly. However, it should be your routine goal, every morning. Dusting not only helps you with cleanliness but also helps you burn your fatigue. It makes you fast, tough and a clean human being.

31. Design a computer game: Teens associated with computer and coding background. Will simply love to complete this goal. It is a great goal to be accomplished in the teenage only. Design computer game, test it and then play it yourself. You may share it with your friends, family and relatives also. Through their coding knowledge, teens can help their ideas go live.

32. Elect your desired leader: Once you are in your extreme stages of your teenage. In other words, once you are more than eighteen years old. Just take out your voting card and use its power. It will be fun choosing your leader and giving voice to your choice. Giving vote is a fundamental right of every person and your's too. So, take its full advantage and remember, that you have an equal right to live in your's chosen democracy.

33. Swim the English Channel: The English channel is small and easy. If you think it's big, then you are thinking it wrong. Be brave enough to do it as a teen. You may be a teen, but remember that you are a powerful human. So, use your swimming skills, be friends with the flowing water and swim it in one go. Teens are the most excited humans on this planet. And their excitement is strong enough to do the same.

34. Call an old school friend: You should know that, old is gold. You shouldn't forget your past and its protagonists. You have come so far in life only due to them. So, keep human gratitude towards them. And just take your cellphone and dial your best friend's number. It will be a total matter of fun and excitement. Tell him/her about your current position, current life, achievements over the past years etc. Teens will understand the value of time by this.

35. Visit a planetarium: Planetarium is almost the space inside the earth. Teens must have a healthy familiarity with these places. The way it shows planets and other celestial bodies is simply fun. Teens are the most growing people on earth. And having a healthy knowledge about the outer space from this age will really help. Planetariums have proper guides to know and explore the place successfully. Click your sights and experiences and preserve them for your lifetime.

36. Invent an app: Digital marketing is in its trends now. Every other minute a new digital product is being made. In order to feel the competition and flow of this digital world. Teens must put a healthy hand in inventing apps. Mobile applications are the most creative way to express one's ideas digitally. Teenagers must try to build something new, out of the box. And most importantly, it should be a perfect attention grabber.

37. Sing a song: Our voice is not that pleasant when we have just crossed the 12-year mark. But to dominate the entire species of teenagers. A teen must try their best to sing a song, in their teenage only. The singing song is fun, it helps you with your voice. The more you sing, the more clear it gets. Songs have a wide variety, and as a teen, you could pick any of them. Moreover, it will help you gain knowledge of the melody, tone, bass and other parameters also.

38. 100 % attendance: Life is short, and so is your school life. You can't attend a single day more in school after 12th grade. So, it's an absolute goal to achieve a 100 % attendance report. It's a one-time chance/goal to achieve that attendance. If you are under 12th grade, you must make this happen at least once in your school life. Never miss a day to school and continue it for a whole year. You will a hundred per cent get a 100% attendance report. It will happen only in your teen years. Because as we step in the 12th grade, we step in the 20's itself.

39. Become a topper: Unlike all other professional courses, school studies are comparatively easy. You are required to take advantage of that. As a teen, you must become the topper of your class. Not in all subjects, but at least in one of them. However, this is a one-time chance/goal to achieve. So, give your 100% and make the topper tag, your own. Let your classmates remember you with your topper tag only. According to knowledgebacker, consider this as a necessary goal during your teenage. 39th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

40. Feed a cow: Cows are domestic animals and you must take care of them. In rural areas, cows are used for commercial purposes. As a teen, you must know their importance. And must feed them with your own hands. Feeding a cow is a kind of charity, belonging to the animal kingdom. Make sure to give them healthy and nutritious food. As a teen, it will be a nice goal for you to complete.

41. Cut through cell phone for a week: Except extreme urgencies, dare to cut through it. Cell phones are very harmful to your eyes and health. It's a goal for you. Avoid it for seven days, and try to remain away from any other LED screens. Help your eyes take rest, and engage them with watching nature. Go to green lands, parks, grounds enjoy the freshness. And leave the digital world for a while ahead.

42. Create a product with waste: You must have come across a lot of waste around you. Every day there is a lot of waste getting collected around you. In order, to reuse them you must engage your creativity. And make something decorable with that, for your interiors. Teens are extremely energetic and have a lot of ideas. You being a teen, is required to gather some of it. And convert it into a nice, decorable product. Just go with the motto of "best with waste".

43. Time capsule: Time capsules are easy to build. Just you with your friends, make and write notes. Fold them gently and put it in the capsule. However, you may put anything inside it, that you want to check in the future. Write something common, draw something common and collect stuff that has something in common. Put them in it and just bury it. 40th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager. 43rd member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

100 goals for a teenager

44. Perform a summersault: This wheel-like the gymnastic move is easy to do. As a teen, you must make a memory doing this. Ask a friend to record your movements and preserve it for the time to come. Summersaults are great physical exercise, doing it will not only complete your goal. But also help you gain muscle and bone strengths. Spin like a wheel and make your teenage more memorable.

45. Drive a tractor: Unlike other modern and stylish four-wheelers. As a teen, you must know/learn to drive a tractor. In case, you don't have your own, ask a nearby farmer to help you with it. Drive a tractor and feel the enjoyment involved in it. These vehicles are heavy and mostly used in agricultural purposes. Moreover, driving a tractor will help you with your skill of heavy vehicle driving.

46. Play on the beach: Beaches are everywhere in the world. You as a teen must help your teen with it. Visit a beach, and play as much as you can. Moreover, beaches are a great place to absorb sunlight. So, play your teen time and absorb vitamin D for free. It should be one of your musts to do the goal of your list. Please note that teenage is the only time left to play. So, never waste it staying in your room or lying lazily on your couch. Go outside on the beach, and just enjoy.

47. Build an aeroplane: Teenage is the best time to try new things. You must try making a plane on your own or with your peers. Planes look amazing when they fly in the sky. They are huge, noisy and fast. Just attempt to make a slower version of that. Watch some youtube tutorials, shop your stuff and just go on. Flying a plane is full of enjoyment and takes a handful of efforts.

48. Meet a monk: Adventure and teenage are like brothers. There are a lot of teens out there. Who shoot their adventures and share them with people via youtube. Meeting a monk is also one that kind. You will be amazed after meeting a monk. They are supremely strong persons. Doing meditations for their mentors, they have a solid meditating power too. In short, meeting a monk may feel like meeting the god itself.

49. Clean your backyard: It comes under your routine hygiene section. You as a teen is required to put a habit of it. Just take your stuff, go out and clean your backyard. It is concern able to work to do. Since cleanliness is a must for good health and good living. Backyard cleaning not only makes your surroundings disease-free. But also helps you with your physique. Moving your body parts after regular intervals will help you remain active all the time.

100 goals for a teenager

50. Build a pet house: Unlike calling your carpenter and asking him/her to do it. You may engage yourself to do it. Doing stuff like that not only increases your workability. But also helps you remain independent in time of necessities. You should care for your pet and build it a house shortly. Moreover, a pet will live to stay in a house built by you. Rather than a house build by any random carpenter. 50th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

51. Build a PPT: Powerpoint presentations are a fundamental component of the educated class. Moreover, they are a great source of showing stuff to the audience. You can easily create one of them. Just go to MS PowerPoint, create some slides and feed in the required content. It will help you to have experience regarding the same and will also help you to build it anytime in future. However, teens should know this basic computer application available on their computer.

52. Hammer your piggy bank: After you felt that heavy with a lot of clinking voices. Just pick a hammer and hammer it. Pick all your savings and invest it wherever you want to. It's a must when you are out of your pocket money. Moreover, piggy banks are a good way to save money and use them in times of need.

53. Try new flavours: Even if you are not a foodie. Just follow this goal unintentionally. Promise yourself to eat a new dish every single day of a week. It will not only help your tastebuds taste new flavours. But also help you enjoy new dishes. However, as a teen, you must try new foods, as it is the time you can digest anything. Just imagine you being old, and eating all these oily foods. It will literally be unbearable and undigestable. Isn't it?

54. Go camping: Familiar with tents and stuff? Teens are required to be with. Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy your teen life. If you are on a vacation and it begins to get boring. Just text your friends and plan a camping trip. Believe me or not, camping is the best way of passing time. Not only as a teen but in any stage of a person's life. Foods, gossips, and thought sharing: these are the three main experiences every camper experiences.

55. Listen to your favourite leader: Above all, people like you are living under the leadership of certain leaders. Politics is a niche, where you can get lots of knowledge. There are many political leaders around you. You may go and listen to your favourite leader out there. Moreover, it adds to your social profile along with your love for the nation. Unlike listening to radio transmission, you should join them in physical.

56. Build a POP statue: Plaster of Paris is a great way to give life to your ideas. However, you can build any kind of statue with its help. Statues made by this powder looks great and are smoothly craftable. Moreover, as a teen, you can build anything out of this. Just use your creativity, modify your skills and give them life. Moreover, POP statues are a great way to show your creativity and crafting skills to the people.

57. Fly a copter: Above all, helicopters are noisy and have revolving blades. Teens can try flying a helicopter in their teenage only. However, they are only required to have a minimum practice prior to it. Flying the vehicle will add to their fun and enjoyment. Moreover, teens can showcase their smartness and practice via this. It is a great work to do as a teen and a great medium for having fun at the heights.

58. Catch an Eel fish: Known as a ray-finned fish, Eel belongs to the Animalia kingdom. These fishes are long in size. They look like snakes but aren't snakes. Catching an eel with your tackle will be a real challenge for you. Even if you are regular with your dad's fishing trips. You can't catch an eel in one go. It requires practice and dedication. Moreover, they are a real treat for the taste buds, once cooked with spices. 59th member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

59. Write a letter to your friend: Unless you are writing it to an official. Letter writing doesn't require grammar. It's just a means of printing your feelings on paper. Collect those memories with your friend, you used to live with. Collect his/her address and just print your feelings on a piece of paper. Believe me or not, letter writing is a great skill of any teen. Moreover, he/she should write letters to showcase the same.

100 goals for a teenager

60. Go to a live football match: Teens use to have a great interest in the game of football. However, they love to watch football and supports it as a game. In order to, watch your favourite football star playing in the field. Just catch a live match, it will be cool for any type of teenager. But make sure to have valid tickets and stuff prior to entering the stadium. Cheer for your star and enjoy the moments!!

61. Repair your cycle: In case you have a non-functioning cycle. Try it to repair it on your own. It requires some genuine skills of a mechanical engineer. However, teens must be smart enough to sort it out. Probably, every teenager should know the tactics and mechanics of a general bicycle. It will help them to figure out small repairs and fix them all on their own. Above all, bicycles are the primary means of transport and a teen must know about it. Repairing it alone just adds to your collection of mechanical skills.

62. Discover your parents: Above all, you are a little grown up now. You have passed your childhood and stepped in your teen years now. Just add to your fun and discover your parents. Moreover, ask them about their childhood, how they spend their school days? the houses they used to live in. The places they used for playing, their games, their toys etc. Discovering your own parents is the first thing every teen should do. Ask them the way they were instructed to live as.

63. Hit a new target: You may be working on something. But you know what, it's not enough. Just drive yourself towards a new target. Work for it effortlessly, give your best to get increased results. You may be working on your own blog, or making videos for youtube channel. You may be a marathon runner, a swimmer or involved in any stuff in this world. But my advice is to only take that stuff a step higher and hit a new achievement in your teen years only.

64. Befriend with your teacher: Making friends of the same age is easy. But making any teacher your friend is literally tough. It requires a kind of fancy determination. Moreover, you have to be obedient, a seeker and a follower. You are required to follow and kind of impress the teacher with your deeds. It is a necessity to impress a teacher prior to seeking friendship within him/herself.

65. Answer every question in a class: It is a kind of academic milestone. As a teen, you should be a knowledge seeker. You are required to be very much confident about what you know. So give your confidence a try, by answering every single question asked in a class. However, the more you interact like that, the more you will be socially known. So, complete the mentioned milestone and get social attention free.

66. Ride a camel: Above all, riding is one of the most fun activities in this world. Camels are known to be associated with deserts and sand. You are required to ride this beautiful animal at least once in your lifetime. They are very high, and their walking style is the only thing that will make you fall in love with. However, camels are known as the ships of the desert. And riding these slow walkers is a real advantage for any teen alive.

67. Launch a website: Teens are getting advanced day by day. They are familiar with the internet from their birth only. But this is to say only. However, teens should expand their knowledge by launching a brand new website. They could do it for any kind of purpose - for profit or for non-profit. Moreover, writing content for the same just requires wits. However, a website is a very good means of expanding and expressing one's knowledge.

68. Sing a prayer: Above all, prayers are meant to be done on a regular basis. But most of the teens are not used to it. Moreover, as a teen, you are expected to sing an entire prayer on your own. It will not only make your memorizing power strong. But will also help you to get holy attention. Teens must sing and recite prayers in front of anything. They consider their god or supreme source as. However, it is a great goal to complete as a teenager, just get it done.

69. Observe an ant: You may have come across ants many times. These insects are extremely hard working. Just observe them and discover the way they work. Moreover, ants are one of the most hard-working species of insects known to exist. They are insects but they have a lot to motivate us. Teens could get enough motivation from their working. They use to carry 5k times more weight than their body weight. It is just a perfect example of dedication and will power. Without the power of will lifting a weight that high is impossible.

70. Clean your house drains: It comes under a regular human practice. But since teens are kept aside of it. They are expected to work them out. They should identify the drains connected to their house and clean them. Not regularly, but at least once or twice a week. It's a kind of regular goal that is needed to be achieved in the teenage. And should be continued for the coming ages also. Moreover, after cleaning them successfully they are required to be sprinkled with insect repellants. Teens must do this to keep their surroundings free of trash living beings.

100 goals for a teenager

71. Join the gym: Gymnasiums are the homes of fitness freaks. Moreover, teenage is the age, gyms should be started on. There are a hell lot of teens mad after building their bodies. Bodybuilding is the stuff that motivates for bigger growths. Teens should join them at least after the age of fifteen years. Gyms are great for exercising your body. Moreover, you can be very precise with every single muscle group you have in your body.

72. Watch a thriller: Teens love to watch movies and moreover, more than 50 % of the film market depends upon the teens alone. Watching movies gives us a wonderful feeling. However, watching thriller ones is simply thrilling. The way the characters act simply thrills every viewer of it. Watching a thriller is simply a challenge/goal for any teen out there. It demands bravery and self-confidence to face the thrill hidden within the plot. So, dare to watch the same at least once in your teenage.

73. Visit an army camp: The world is huge and is stranger than anyone's knowledge. Every single piece of its land has their own owners and hence their own armies. Visiting any nearby army camp is something like that. You will come across different types of equipment kept for defence and for the attack. The camp controlled by an army used to be very neat and clean. People controlling them are strictly disciplined and are professionals. Teens must visit it before their 20's.

74. Wake up before sunrise: The sun use to rise earlier than you. You must fake this at least once during your teenage. You are expected to wake up earlier than the sunrise. And watch the sunrise with your naked eyes. However, modern-day teens use to sleep at the time of sunrise. It is a very wrong practise to be observed and is extremely harmful to your health. Keep a safe gap between the time of waking up and going to bed.

75. Practice sewing: As a teen, you must practice sewing. Sewing is a great task to do. Moreover, it completely opens up your creative edge of the mind. You can use your ideas to do whatever you want to. It is a good practice for designing and building stuff on clothes. You can showcase anything out of your creativity. Teens should try making it a hobby and if it doesn't work. It will be helpful enough to sew your t-shirt button.

76. Build a motor fan: Treat it as one of your old school science projects. Grab a setup containing everything from the motor, fan and other essentials. A motor fan is easy and fun to build. Teens must try their best and give their best to build a motor fan. Moreover, it could be later used for getting a decent airflow. Or for just normal decoration of your living room.

77. Try a hula loop: A hula loop is one of the most enjoyable loops ever known to humans. As a teen and even after that, never stop playing with it. These colourful and bright coloured loops are visibly attractive. And are very fun to play with. Moreover, they give you the maximum fun with the maximum thrill. Moreover, you get a good chance to test your waist flexibility and your physical fitness level.

78. Take a waterfall shower: Have you done it before? If not, then you are required to do it now. Just plan a trip to any nearby waterfall and take a shower under it. However, it will be a thrilling experience to do so. Moreover, it will be lots of fun interacting with nature and its assets. Waterfalls are beautiful and a teen must experience it as a shower. Showers are cool but when you are under that natural shower, you will simply be thrilled!

79. Paint your mom's face: Unlike Da Vinci, the person who painted Mona Lisa. You may paint your mom's face. It is cool stuff to do as a teen. Moreover, it allows your artistic mind to get converted to realistic painting. Draw your mom's face with the best colour combination you know. And just showcase your painter present inside. However, you are expected to become the Da Vinci for your mom itself.

80. Attend a sorority: Above all, most of the teenage girls are busy with their semester exams. Moreover, they have to study and practice a lot for their final examinations. As a teenage girl, you must give yourself some personal time. And let yourself go and attend different sororities happening in your college. It will not only refresh your mind but provide you with a social edge. Sororities are made only for fun and passing time. So, you can join them anytime to feel the same.

81. Perform a backflip: It actually contributes to the physical domain of a teen's life. Moreover, you are required to perform a lot of them. Teens are young and active, they can't get tired of doing them. Isn't it ?? However, doing a backflip will exercise your back muscles and help you get it stronger. Flipping your body backwards also help your legs gaining strength and endurance. However, it could also be considered as a full-body exercise.

82. Save for your dream car: Even if your family have a car, dream cars are always expensive. In order to buy your dream car, you should start saving for it from the teen years only. It is a finance edged step, that must be taken during teenage only. Your continuous efforts of saving money will finally help you with your dreams. It is a goal and a secure step to practice in your teenage only.

83. Save for your prom: How could one ignore this memorable day in their life? Girls give their all for this special day only. However, they are required to save for their prom. Mostly for their luxurious dress, makeup, and other stuff. Prom night is a crucial part of one's life and teen girls are aware of the same.

84. Memorize the world map: Teens having an interest in geography will love to do it. A world map is a crucial tool for teens studying geography. But memorizing it completely will do the 50 % work for them. Moreover, it will help you get an idea of the world geographically. The different countries, states and other geographical formations it contains. The world is huge, and learning it by heart is near to impossible. So, you are just required to learn its basics and its bold parts.

85. Create a portfolio: Portfolios are in a trend today. Teens will require them once they graduate from colleges. Portfolio making is an easy task, but it requires a lot of experience. Portfolios look normal but adding the right component for the right profile isn't that easy. Moreover, it requires perfect skillset and years of experience. Since portfolios are responsible for making the future. They should be well planned prior finalizing the style.

86. Arrange a tug of war: FYI it is a game that is played by two groups of players. And both of them pull the rope to their respective sides. The group capable of pulling the maximum part of the rope wins the game. It will be a cool game for teens to play and enjoy. Apart from testing their physical strengths, they are also capable of testing their arms strength. Tug of war is one of the infamous games always available for teens.

87. Go bowling: Bowling is another cool teen game. When you're working extra and can't help your situation. Just extract a bit of time from your busy schedule and go bowling. It is a great solo game, but if required take your friends with you. Target your pins and play your perfect shot with your bowl. Never miss shooting a single pin in the two chances for you. However, teens can go bowling every time they feel bored and requires a break from their routine life.

88. Pin your photos: If you are a camera-holic and love to click photos. You are all set to build a Pinterest board. Use this free social platform to showcase your photography. It will be great fun to click, collect and share photos in a platform like Pinterest. And as a teen consider it as one of your main goals. Needed to be completed within your years of teen. Moreover, pinning your photos along with your video stories will be a real treat to your Pinterest audience. Isn't it?

89. Complete your syllabus in a week: You may have exams coming month or after 60 days. All you need to do is to simply develop guts. Sit and finish your upcoming subject's syllabus in a week's time only. It will help you develop your mind's power and ability. Moreover, consider it as a one-stop goal as a teen to complete once. Just go through the main points, brief the content down. Make short notes and underline crucial lines to memorize them later.

100 goals for a teenager

90. Build paper boat: Boats are nice to ride on. Moreover, they are perfect water vehicles known to humans. But what if they are made of paper? It will be a great matter of fun and enjoyment to make paper boats. Teens should build paper boats to sharpen their crafting skills. Paper boats look small and cute on the surface of the water. Moreover, have a lightweight, bright colour and smooth bottom surface.

91. Run 100 km in the treadmill: For teen health enthusiasts this is a small target. But for those who are not that regular with their health. Must try to finish this goal in the shortest time possible. It will be a great exercise for your legs, and your entire body also. You may use your gym's treadmill or the playground for the same. Running a hundred kilometres is not an easy task and finishing it is simply rewardable. Both to your body as well as to your mind.

92. Read an entire newspaper: Newspapers are lengthy and broad. Teens never read them completely. They just go through the headlines and ignores the rest of the news. So, here is your challenge. You are challenged to read the entire newspaper all at once. Read every single line present on every single page of it. Moreover, it is a nice goal to complete, as it increases your reading ability and makes you aware of the news around.

93. Memorize your relative's phone numbers: Above all, you are a teen, and in this modern world you are not born without a cell phone. You can't contact your relatives on your own (dialling their numbers). Unlike the old days, we are habitual of saving their numbers in our cell phones only. So here is your challenge. You are challenged to memorize every single phone number of your relatives. Such that, even if your contact list gets deleted you can contact them independently.

94. Install a solar cell: Solar cells are a great alternative to current electricity. In your teenage, you should install a solar cell at least once. Just use solar energy and charge your gadgets. Solar energy is much more powerful than the general electricity. Help your gadgets charge with the energy of the sun. Moreover, solar cells are in a great trend today. And hence, as a teen, you must also use this trending technology once in your teen years.

95. Visit India: You are an American teen, and you may have heard your President appreciating India. India is one of the most popular countries in the world. People all across the globe visit here in the name of tourism. Despite having a variety of cultures and societies, India is incredibly united. Visiting India as a teen will be really wonderful. You will get to know a lot of things about this incredible place. Visiting India will simply worth your age and your memories also.

96. Meet your president: The niche of politics is interesting. Even if you find it the opposite. You must step into this niche as a teen. It will help you learn and experience different aspects of your life. It will help you know the system, the prerequisites and the plans of your country. In order to get in touch with the same. You must attend a ceremony in the presence of your current president. Just meet and greet the leader (president) of your country.

97. Watch a documentary: Documentaries go live very often. They are known to generate great interest within. Moreover, as a teen, you must take a look at such films. They will help you learn a lot of new things. Even if they are of the documentary style, they are never worthless. So, if you are a teen and wanna know a number of things in advance. Just switch on a documentary and enjoy the footage within.

98. Visit your parent's school: You are a teen, and you are either in school or going to complete it. Isn't it? The case was the same for your parents also. They also used to be in some school in their childhood. As a teen you must visit the school, your parents were in. It will help you get conscious of your parents. And will also make your adventure full of discovery and fun.

99. Follow a dog: You must have come across dogs. If you don't then you should try to know how their life is. Just pick a random street dog and follow it. You will get to know the way they manage to make a living. All the dustbins and trash they search in. All the food packets and cans they smell. Their life is not like yours. They have no food and no shelter. Learn the struggle of life. And never forget that every one of us has to struggle for our life. Nothing is free, and will never be!!

100. Do 100 pushups: Pushups are very good for your health. And doing them as a teen will simply be awesome. Prepare yourself for the challenge of 100 pushups. Perform them after a good warm-up. Since your entire body is engaged in performing every single of them. A warm-up becomes a must to do prerequisite. However, it will work and exercise your arms, back, shoulders and chest. The last member of the list of 100 goals for a teenager.

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