Top 10 fountain pen brands you should be aware of!! (For teens)

Top 10 fountain pen brands

Top 10 fountain pen brands: There are a ton of fountain pens available in the market. But you can't catch the top without us!!

Fountain pens are literally awesome to own. With their antique look and the smooth grip, they look fantastic. However, brands are curating their styles every single day. They are been made more and more stylish, attractive and presenting to the folks. Even after a great advancement in pens. Fountain pens are ones, that have never faded their trend. They are still popular, worthy and alive in discussions. Keeping the trend and demand in mind. Brands are not a step ahead of manufacturing them. However, they are employing better designers to stand the crowd. Day in and day out fountain pens are sold, and even with greater prices. People are still mad behind this old-styled ink pens.

Talking particularly, there are certain brands that never embarrass to invest tons in them. Fountain pens are popular and have great craze. However, due to the presence of some world-class brands. Small and tiny businesses are getting pain in the butt to stand the competition. The best brands used to be the best in their times. And even now, they are alive. Moreover, they are undoubtedly the big boys in their niche itself.

The top 10 fountain pen brands according to Knowledge Backer are:

Top 10 fountain pen brands

1. Montblanc: Montblanc is the synonym for luxurious fountain pens. However, it will be best for those seeking simplicity with quality. Montblanc is one of the most popular brands of fountain pens. And its claims of decade lasting pens are simply factual. This brand is known to combine toughness with beauty. Their stylists are pros in designing such pens. However, Blanc never pays them without creating multiple versions of their pens. They have a crazy routine to suffice their knowledge of designing. Each of their production comes up with a number of designs in the market.

  • A fountain pen allows you to write upside down!

Montblanc is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Apart from fountain pens, it also produces bags, watches and jewellery. The luxurious brand is categorized under the industry of luxury goods. Its first masterpiece fountain pen was released in 1910. However, Mountblanc is actually a subsidiary of Richemont, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Top 10 fountain pen brands

2. Parker: Parker is another name of excellence and affordability. Fountain pens from this brand are one of the most bought pens. Its extremely crafted, designed and shinny pens have really made it out of the box. Apart from their attractive designs, they are also affordable for the general people. Fountain pens from Parker are listed top in the list of favourite pens. Their smart getup, outstanding user experience and reliable characteristics. Have made it too far, becoming essential for every other pen using individual.

  • Fountain pen's history dates back to the year 950!

Parker is spreading its excellence since 1888 (18th century). It is a matter of pride and happiness for its consumers. Moreover, Parker is also considered a luxurious brand. Mainly belonging to the very industry of writing instruments. The UK based company has its own milestones.

The third and fourth members of the list:

Top 10 fountain pen brands

3. Cross: The brand Cross holds the third position of top 10 fountain pen brands. Keeping it third doesn't degrade its worth. But makes it a better brand to be trusted on. Unlike its position, Cross is a detail-focused fountain pen producer. It focuses mainly on producing beautiful pens. Moreover, pens of this brand look good in the frockets of teens and their parents. Cross has remained a regular supplier of presidential pens. White house is consuming its pens since the 1970s!!

  • The nib of a fountain pen adapts your writing style!

Richard cross is the actual owner of Cross LLC. This is an American company dominating in the industry of writing implements. Apart from pens, this brand is capable of thinking out of the box. Cross has a healthy subsidiary named Sheaffer. Precision in the niche of producing equipment to assist handwriting.

4. Pelikan: The 4th position holder of the list of top 10 fountain pen brands is Pelikan. Pelikan is the name for ordinary fountain pens. It is popular among most of the school students. Students going college or working in their office. Their frockets looks empty without these pens. Unlike other luxurious brands, Pelikan is for common people. It has a great sense of colour combination, price and usability. Pelikan is the synonym for colour and affordability.

  • Lefties are seen the most, to use fountain pens!

The brand Pelikan is dominated in the niche of stationery. This German-based company owns a number of subsidiaries. However, it also works in the niches of writing implements, office goods and art stuff.

The fifth and sixth members of the list:

5. Waterman: Waterman is another member of our family of fountain pen brands. It could be called the brother of Montblanc itself. It is another name of luxurious fountain pens. Unlike other brands, it has gained instant popularity. Winning a reputed award named "Gold medal of excellence" has made it possible. Apart all, Waterman is the name for luxury, quality and beauty. Pens of this brand are awesome to use and expose. The most amazing fact about this brand is: all of its pens are manually tested. Before their official release in the market.

  • The largest pen ever made had a nib 7 feet long!

It is a France based pen manufacturing brand. This company was known to be founded by Lewis Waterman. It was the year of 1884 when it was established as a subsidiary of its parent company- Stanford L.P.

6. Lamy: Ever heard before? It is a huge name in itself. Apart from its domestic market, it has great demands in overseas also. Lamy is a nice pen brand. People use to buy it for its excellence in quality mainly. Lamy remains in discussion only for its outstanding and all-rounder pens. It is a great brand and known to be highly consumer-friendly. Lamy has a great name due to its recycling processes also. It is one of the most loved and trusted pen brands in the world.

  • The yearly fountain pen sale easily crosses the 100M mark!

Lamy is a German-based fountain pen brand. It's history dates back to the 1930s. Josef Lamy was the founder of this pen brand. Unlike other brands, Lamy is a great impression creator. With its excellent products, Lammy leaves a timeless impression on its users.

The seventh and eight members of the list:

7. Pilot: Pilot is another popular brand in the market. It has a great trend in Asian countries mainly. Moreover, the pilot is one of the finest brands used by school going students. These pens have a smarter look, timeless ink, smooth nib and an appropriate grip. They are very normal in looks but are highly usable. People in Japan are greatly benefited by its native manufacturer of fountain pens. The pilot is a mass producer of pen and it is smart enough. To maintain quality with increasing quantity though.

  • So much of digital, but people aren't tired of fountain pens!

The pilot is a public pen manufacturer, located in Japan. In 1964, it had launched its first capless product. However, Pilot has done rigorous work to evolve its pen's nibs. It was always in an attempt to bring out the most appropriate nib for ink flow. After releasing several different pens, it finally ended up on Pilot Vanishing & Metropolitan. Simply to help the younger generation with.

8. Aurora: As the name suggests. This brand is focused mainly on the visual aspects of a product. Fountain pens from Aurora are the best attention grabbers. With their shiny outer colour and smooth writing services. They have gained an extremely large consumer base. Aurora is a brand, producing pens (like the colour of aurora borealis). These pens look iconic and have a different glaze. Putting them in your frockets will simply be rocking!!

  • Fountain pens are not less than a dumble for your palms!

Aurora is a luxury brand of fountain pens. Moreover, it is originated from the country of Italy. The brand began to gain popularity immediately. The super luxurious brand of Aurora sets examples of working craft, durability, talent and optical excellence.

The last two members of the list:

9. Montegrappa: The perfect example of being zero to hero! This brand is now counted as one of the luxurious pen brands in the world. Starting from a team of local workers good in designing and craft. Montegrappa is now one of the most in-demand and popular pen brands. Nothing but it's uniqueness, craftsmanship, style and texture have made it so. However, its real name is ELMO and it belongs to the industry of writing implements. Apart from its masterpiece pens, it is also a trustable supplier of usable ink.

  • 95% of people write their name prior to anything, with a pen!

ELMO is a 100-year-old pen brand. This Italy based brand does its main productions in the Northeastern parts of the country. But they are so fine, that now none is unaware of it. Apart from luxurious pens, it has also dominated different markets. The majority of them being the markets of watches, cufflinks and other small accessories.

Top 10 fountain pen brands

10. Ancora: The last but not the least, Ancora is one of the costliest pen brands in the world. Unlike several different luxurious pen brands. Ancora is dominating in producing real gold nibs (fully 18K). Ancora is an amazing pen brand, and it had some of the amazing ideas also. Moreover, Ancora is the synonym for preciousness. Apart from gold, it has healthy deals with gemstones, seashells, diamonds, silver etc. Moreover, they are also popular for their extremely high prices.

  • A small ink cartridge can afford 2500 words of handwriting!

Ancora has been the most precious pen brands until 1919. It has outstanding craftwork and designing edge. Ancora had remained the soul of Italy's writer's union. Moreover, it has served generations of writers with its luxurious productions. Therefore, it doesn't satisfy the last position in the list of top 10 fountain pen brands.

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