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Things every teenager should know before leaving home [USEFUL GUIDE]

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

Things every teenager should know before leaving home. Whether this year or after a few, teens have to leave their home at least once. This is a kind of destined fact in every teenager's life. They have to leave their home, their family, at least once in their lifetime. Reasons may vary individually, but the fact is unignorable. And the same may be extremely challenging for some - they may find it like biting iron nails for the same. Whereas it may be a piece of cake for others. They maybe use to such hurdles, leaving outside is not a big deal for them.

However, life is full of challenges, and we can't get them when we are in the comfort of our home. Once we step out, we get to know the outer world - the challenges, the hurdles it consists of. Moreover, teens are among the growing individuals in any society. They are just growing and evolving to become the fittest individual. And in such an instant, leaving home and staying alone is literally a herculean task.

But it should also be noted that the more you fall the more you get. In other words, until and unless one faces hurdles, steps out and tries their best, they can't get a thing. Moreover, humans are the only living beings to adapt to any type of environment. The level of difficulties, hurdles and challenges doesn't matter. That implies that humans (particularly teens) can get used to the day to day challenges one faces after leaving home easily.

And the easiest way to do this is to know following stuff prior to anything of your's choice:

1. Communication: Teens should know the right way to communicate, the right way to talk. Humans are social beings, and talking is the first most one should know to survive. Until and unless you know to communicate well, you can't get your work done. As we know, that it's the word of mouth. That decides enemies and friends, it is the way you talk - that creates enemies and even converts enemies to friends. You just have to learn the art of talking & the right way to address people. You should know the correct way of addressing people according to their age and authority. Living out your home requires good communication skills. It is the first member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

2. Cooking:
Even if several different food services and expensive restaurants are in your contacts. You should know to cook at least one dish. That you could eat and satisfy your normal appetite. You should learn cooking beforehand, as it is the most fundamental prerequisite. Since humans can't live without food at all. Teens must know to cook a dish completely. However, instant noodle and instant cookies are also a good option to go after!

3. Your parent's cell number: Apart from your girlfriend's or boyfriend's number, you must remember the mentioned. Your parents are your supreme superiors and you should know their cell numbers. Don't always depend on your cell phone's contact diary. It's recommended to remember them only. You may lose your cellphone but not your brain. Since emergencies never do a notified arrival, you must save their contacts beforehand.

4. Maintain your self budget: Leaving home provides freedom or grief? It is not that easy to say! Isn't it. But in general, you are out of home and you have none to interfere. So, don't misuse this opportunity, don't wander and waste your money on anything. You should strictly maintain your budget for the entire time you live outside. Killing your bank balance for unnecessary, though attractive stuff will be just digging your own grave.

5. Avoid strangers: Strangers are everywhere, just look around and they are in millions. So, you should avoid strangers at all. You are outside your home, and hence your culture also. You may find new people in that place. It will be great if you control your emotions and not interact with them. It will be beneficial as remaining away from strangers helps you remaining free of conflicts. Never interact with anyone you don't know. However, it is the fifth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

6. Control your temper:
Among all other advises, it is the most crucial one. Temper is the adjective that defines you and your background. If you lose it and react accordingly, you may face several different difficulties. So, you should control your temper even in the worst conditions. And since you are in a place far from home, creating savage relations may end you up. It may destroy you and your career forever. So, never-ever trap in it.

7. Be a little mechanic: In case you have to travel frequently. You may require a car and need to drive it alone. So, as you are out of your home and no one is there to help you. You should have a little knowledge of your vehicle. Not everything but general knowledge of fixing stuff. Like dealing with punctures, the oil tank, accelerator and most importantly your brakes. Vehicles help you to travel easily but not always!!

8. Focus on your work: The world is full of distractions, you should stay away from them. You are out your home, and none is there to care for you. So, you should focus on your work only. You shouldn't focus on unnecessary stuff. Doing that will simply ruin your time, and you will be unable to do that, what you have come for. Working alone and with all your attention can only help you. However, it is the sixth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

9. Never go with weird friends: You are working or studying outside. Undoubtedly you will have friends, or you may want to make some. So, chose them carefully. Never go with any type of weird friends. Never follow their thoughts, if they are weird then their thoughts will also be. So, kindly chose your friends wisely and never react to their plans.

10. Self-hygiene: Teens are never perfect with their hygiene. And leaving out without their parents will simply be unhygienic. Teens should maintain their personal hygiene prior to everything. Being dirty and unclean may help diseases enter your body. So, cut your nails (don't bite them), dress your hair, bath regularly and eat healthy. However, it is the tenth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

11. Eating habits: You should compromise with your eating habits. Since you are out your home and your mom is not there to help you. You are required to eat healthily and maintain your health as much as you can. Neither overeat nor undereat, just stick to the normal. You should eat healthily, drink healthy and even excrete healthily. Try to stick to a balanced diet, and never cut your calorific foods. Keep junk food once or twice a week and fruits daily!!

12. ATM and credit cards: You must have good knowledge of your bank account. You are without your guardians, and anyone can take full advantage of it. So try to remain free from all of them and do your stuff wisely. In order to deal with several different financial transactions, you are required to have a decent knowledge of your credit cards. Its account number, passwords, pins and other details should be in your permanent memory. And most importantly, you are not advised to share the details at all. However, it is the twelfth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

13. Never take relationships seriously: It's a common problem among teens, they do relationships and get upset quickly. You know, if there is a relationship, there will be fights. And if fights began to take gear, happiness will disappear. So, you should take relationships lightly, and not seriously. Because doing that will either end you or your career completely. The relationship is a trap that is attractive enough to get trapped in. But it's nasty as a quicksand, you will simply end up falling in it.

14. Become responsible: People are known and recognised by their respective characters. You should become a responsible individual. And since, you are out your comfort zone, you can't live without gaining trust. Imagine nobody believing you due to your character. So, become responsible and do your work as neatly as you can. Never let other's speak wrong about you, just be the person you want others to be. However, it is the fourteenth member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

15. Transport system: If you are unaware of the transport system operating in your region. Living out will be a real pain in the butt. Transports are always necessary, no matter where you live. And this useful system is often deceptive. So you must be aware of it and save yourself from frauds happening within it. Moreover, you must have a good understanding of vehicles. As it will help you choose the best vehicle - in terms of safety and convenience also.

16. Punctual: Punctuality is one of the most important quality one should master. Being a teen it will be highly beneficial for you. Keeping your work up-to-date and being punctual with it will simply award you success. So, prior to your plan to leave your home, just practice being punctual. It is one of the best stuff one should practice in times of living alone.

17. Knowledge about surroundings: You are moved to a new place and you are about to live there. So you are required to know the basic stuff about your surroundings. The shops, markets, people - operating around you. Also, make sure to build a healthy connection with all of them. Don't let yourself be the prey of situations that are deceptive, and are untrustable. Keep a healthy connection with your neighbours, peers, friends and most importantly your house owner(s).

18. Being independent: Teens are delicate and can't stay without others help. It maybe helps your friends, peers or your seniors. You are expected to remain independent and free from all. But make sure that your independent nature should not be exposed. People shouldn't know about your nature. Otherwise, you will be excluded from the centre of help and serve. You are required to remain independent internally not externally.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

19. Kitchen devices: Other than other advice, you are also advised to have a decent knowledge about the kitchen devices. Apart from routine meals every day, eating something else is also there. So in such a case, you may have to operate the devices to make something. It demands your basic knowledge about the devices and their different modes. It will not help you clear an electrical exam. But save your snack appetite becoming the prey of dusty street foods.

20. Be aware of cops: Make sure to keep a safe distance from cops or related services. You are out your home and not under your parent's guidance. Make sure to follow law and order. Never argue with a cop or the system. Messing with such systems can worsen your life and your career too. Make sure to avoid that entirely!

21. Carry your own first-aid: Situations can't be trusted on, you are required to carry your own first-aid. First of all, never engage in activities that have a probability to physically hurt you. Just do your work wisely and with a cool mind. Never involve in violence, fights or other related stuff. In case, you get injured accidentally, use your own first aid.

22. Learn self-defence: Teens are unaware of this world, every minute something unusual is happening. You are just required to learn self-defence to protect yourself. However, it is one of the (extras) of our list. You are required to know some awesome self-defending moves. It may be physical or maybe mental. Just use your body or your mind to save yourself.

Things every teenager should know before leaving home

23. Time management:
It is also an important skill one needs to master. Teens are required to manage their time and should do stuff accordingly. It is well known that successful people always manage their time while doing stuff. Teens are also required to do the same. And when there is no one to care about you, your time managing skills will only care for you. However, it is the last member of the list of things every teenager should know before leaving home.

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