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Should a 13 year old have a phone? Answered

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Should a 13 year old have a phone? Yes, a 13-year-old should have a phone.

The answer is affirmative but the fact is not. There is no written or approved minimum age a teen should be given a phone at. Teens can be given a phone at any age because they are teens and not kids. They could easily handle a phone or so-called smartphone at their teenage. There is nothing parents should worry about. Moreover, age is defined by a lot of different factors. Some teens may need a phone urgently or others may just want it for time pass. Nothing is fixed, it completely depends upon you (parents) the age you want to handover them a cell phone. But it will be best and effective to handover a phone just after their 12th year of birth. Coz a teen is much mature, experienced and much understanding than a kid.

A cell phone is actually the breath of this 21st century. People are not using them but are breathing in them. The entire cell phone industry got a boom right after the introduction to smartphones. As the demand for these attractive smartphones increased, several different companies entered its market and which consequently skyrocketed its sales. Apart from the rest, teens were the first, known to use these phones, and now they are just breathing them in and out. In such a cell phone equipped era, not only adults but kids are also using these phones. And it has become a common gadget that could be seen in everyone's hand. Consequently, it has become difficult for us, to judge the right age for having that cell phone. Parents are confused with the same and they never care much for it.

Is a cellphone beneficial for a 13-year-old?

Cellphones are not only beneficial but are smarter than us. Just comment down stuff that it can't do. There is hardly anything that couldn't be done digitally with an ordinary smartphone. Everything from calling a friend to starting an online business. A smartphone can do everything, efficiently and without any mistake. Cell phones can be termed as a mobile computer, as you can carry them and move them also.

Coming to the 13-year-olds, cellphones are just like their pets. They carry them everywhere and mentioning them each will be inappropriate. This stuff is self-understood, you will easily get the meaning hidden in it if you are also 13. I can't list the benefits of a cell phone, it includes everything and the list may run years long. So in brief, I would like to say that, it will help you in your day to day life. Whether you require knowledge, you wanna learn something, you want to call your friend, text him/her, you wanna go somewhere, share something, create a greeting card, skype someone or set up your own online business. The cell phone can help you with everything, and the most important thing, it will always keep you updated in every sphere of life.

Stuff parents should question themselves prior to buying their 13-year-old a phone:

Even I have mentioned earlier that the criteria or age limit depends completely on the necessity and the situation. Still, the parents should question a number of things to themselves prior to giving a cell phone to their 13-year-olds.

1. Is your 13 years old responsible enough to have a phone?

Tips: The way they react to their day to day work will surely reflect it. If they are obedient to you, then they will also be responsible. Try to remember when they have lost stuff on their own. All these things will surely give you an idea if they are responsible or not.

2. Does your 13-year-old loses pens very often?

Tips: Try to remember the day when they have lost pens. If they use to lose them very often, then you should be aware of it. Test them by giving a bag or an umbrella and ask them to take it to the mall. If they lose pens very often, then they will lose them too!

3. Is your 13-year-old a tech-savvy person?

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Tips: Observe your teen and find out how long does he/she keeps in touch with his/her gadgets. Does he/she remains all day or goes sometimes to them? Does they like being with them or they like being outside?

4. Are they obedient in front of school teachers?

Tips: Ask some teachers about your kids, try to remember any conflict in their name, try to ask them about their teachers. Will they use phones in the class? Do they have social media accounts?

5. Are they loyal to there data usage?

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

Tips: Keep an eye on your broadband's monthly bill, observe your kids and if they use the data unnecessarily, do they waste data, are they obedient to you?

6. Will your kid's fair use of the web?

Tips: Recall their behaviour, how do they usually behave, recall if their characters as a human, have they harassed anyone leaking videos or anything like that, have they ever being punished for it?

Having a count all the six questions will surely help you know about the stuff. Going through them will surely help you judging either to buy them a phone or not!

Should a 13 year old have a phone?

The right age of having a phone according to Bill Gates:

According to Bill Gates, the right age of having a phone is the high school age. Parents should wait for their kids to grow up to their highschool age before they could give them cell phones. Bill himself hasn't given the phone to their kids until they were 14 years old. Bill wants to confirm, that the kids should be at least 14 years old before they would be given with a cell phone. 14 years of age is the safest age, a kid should operate a cell phone at, coz it's the age when they became capable of using the smallest gadget ever.

Tech billionaire Bill Gates wants parents to be aware of their kids. And handover them phones only after 14. It will help them remain natural, young and free. Coz having a phone simply means 24 hours of engagement in them. None can restrict the teens from owning cell phones unless their parents want so. So, it is well-advised by Bill to hand over a phone to the kids, only after they become mature enough to have it.

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How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? Answered

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? You must be at least 18 years old to do so.

To deliver the orders of Doordash, you are required to be at least 18 years old. A person is required to be mature enough as similar to one who is 18 to deliver its orders. Apart from the age and like every other food delivering company, Doordash also wants the person to be highly punctual, capable of driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and loyal to his customers. Doordash is a US-based company and it will allow anyone who is 18 and have a little experience of time management to deliver its orders. But the person must have a smartphone and should register on the application prior to becoming a member of the food delivery system.

Some important FAQs for a dasher:

Delivering food is a hectic task and it requires a lot of management skills. As a dasher you have to be very punctual, know to cover distances fast and should also have a pleasant delivering behaviour. Being a dasher is not an easy task, and if you are a dasher or want to become one. You might have several different questions regarding it. Let's cover them one by one.

Q1. Can anyone become a dasher and deliver its orders?

Answer: No, not anyone but only those who are 18 or older can deliver for the company.

Q2. Which kind of vehicle can be used while delivering orders?

Answer: The dasher could use any type of vehicle (two/three/four-wheelers). But he/she must have a clean life record, along with a valid driving license and most importantly valid insurance. Any vehicle including bikes, cycles, motorcycles, cars etc. will be allowed. But they are required to be listed in the 'Info On your city" list.

Q3. What if I face an accident during delivery?

Answer: If a dasher meets an accident while delivery. Then he/she will be taken care of under the occupational accident coverage. This coverage contains a lot of health-related benefits and reliefs. Most importantly, it will help you with your medical expenses, disability threats and survivor benefits.

Q4. Does Doordash expect its dashers to have their own insurance?

Answer: Yes, Doordash wants a contractor like you to maintain his/her own insurance. The person should maintain the insurance in terms of its amount and its types as per the demand of the law. The person should maintain the insurance and also should keep it updating after the required time periods.

The answer to How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? is easily covered, isn't it!

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

Tips for a dasher to handle pick up and drop off's:

As a dasher, you will come across a lot of orders. In order to be an efficient dasher, you must follow the below list prior to handling any case of picking up and dropping off an order:

  • Always try to manage your time. Reach the store and pick up the order a few minutes before the pickup time. Have a healthy contact with the customer and inform him/her on arrival. Make sure to call the customer just before ten minutes of arrival. Apart all, if you do not feel good to deliver an order, just inform the store beforehand so that someone else can do your job for that day.
  • Make sure to have an eye on the items you are picking up. Double-check the order given on the application along with the customer's name. Never touch any item other than those listed on the respective order ID.
  • Just be sure about the items being delivered. Match them with the items listed on the application. They should be exactly the same as ordered. Never take anything extra or wrong. If doubtful, ask the merchant to check the items prior to every delivery.
  • To serve the customer better, grab some freebies like a fork, some utensils, napkins, tissues, soups or any other add ons.
  • For reaching the delivery spot quick, follow the GPS and if still doubtful, just communicate with the customer beforehand.

How to deliver the orders in the safest way?

  • Just deliver as if your family needs it. In other words, deliver the food item with proper care and supervision. If possible ask for a hot bag to keep the food items fresh, safe and entirely secure. Apply general physics, and make sure to place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top. Place them carefully on the vehicle before starting off.
  • Make sure to identify and separate sensible food items. Keeping hot and the cold items separate from each other will be really helpful. And it will obviously reduce the risk of food damage.
  • Make sure to not disturb the food items while delivering it to the concerned. Never tamper the seal or try to taste it either.

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

What about batched orders?

For your kind information, batched orders are orders that come in the same route of delivery. It is considered as a golden chance of earning more money delivering a single order.

  • To get its full benefits, the dasher is required to follow the colour codes prior to delivering the orders. Make sure to have a good look at the "Current dash" section of your application. Coz it will contain all the orders in their respective colour codes only.
  • Make sure to put a note after each delivery and mark it bold. It will simply help you to keep a record about the orders you have already delivered and the orders you haven't.
  • On successful deliveries of these orders, you will earn a good amount of money and it will be a good reward for your day's work.

What should a dasher wear?

Being a dasher is a difficult task. Along with managing time and deliver orders the dasher should also have a good sense of his dressing style. He or she is not required to wear a suit, boots and tie, but should always come in a normal dress. It should be nicely washed, nicely ironed and should not look funny.

Moreover, the dressing sense is completely unignorable because the dasher should be well dressed and well-groomed. Otherwise, the merchant will refuse to give him a catering bag to pick the orders in.

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Can a 17 year old test drive a car? Answered

Can a 17 year old test drive a car?

Can a 17 year old test drive a car? The answer is no, a 17-year-old can't test drive a car. In most of the countries including our Unites States of America, every person willing to test drive a car must be at least 18 or older. 

Any person who is younger than 18, and is willing to test drive a car prior to buying it will simply be prevented from doing so because it's the vehicle law. And if you are not 18, you will be considered too young to test drive a car and buying it will simply become your dream. The only thing that this 18-year law signifies is that you are required to be mature enough to buy and ride a car. The formal law of America doesn't consider a person younger than 18, suitable for doing this job. He or she must be at least 18 to get hands-on it.

It is normal to test drive any car prior to buying it. We all want to try the vehicle before finalising its purchase. People must test drive the vehicle but the law mandates him or her to be at least 18 years old. Age is restricted because the government wants reduced accidents. It is very aware of the system and will never allow any fault in it. Allowing young drivers and young people driving their private cars may result in car accidents. Coz they don't have the required experience in driving a car. Controlling two-wheelers is easy as teens have their previous experience of riding and controlling bicycles. But controlling any four-wheeler will simply be a difficult task for them. They may know to drive it but will never know to control it, however. Can a 17 year old test drive a car? is answered clearly, Isn't it!

Effect of driving license on your age:

You all may have come across the term driving license. Aren't you? Like all other licenses, the driving license is the license that is required to be issued by every person who owns a vehicle and drives it. The police or related authorities may ask for it whenever you are driving out on the road. And failing to show the same may force you to pay penalties. Driving license is one of the most important components of any driver's life. It is required to be carried life long with the vehicle. The driving license is required to be refilled every five years. And it should be done at the earliest for prevention of faults.

Talking particularly about its effect on age will simply be a joke. Because it doesn't have any effect on your age. It is checked only to verify your age and not to compromise it. Driving license can't help you with test driving your car, coz the license is issued only after you are 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, no agency will issue you a driving license, being 18 years old is a mandatory age limit. It should be followed at any cost and in our country America, it is strictly checked.

Does going straight to test drive a car recommended?

No, going straight to test drive a car is never recommended. Before going for a test drive you should know the basics of a car. The basic controls it requires to get driven and get controlled. It is very necessary to coz the entire driving system is dependent on it. The graph of accidents, tragedies and misfortunes will increase highly if it is ignored. The best thing for any person (any teen) to do it, is to firstly take a valid driving license and then proceed with the test drive. The person may be a teen or maybe 20+, but passing the driving exam keeps him/her in the safe zone. Having suitable knowledge about the vehicle and the art of driving it is quite necessary.

But it should also be noted that the dealership of your car also plays an important role in it. Even if you are 18 or 18+ but your dealership have a different age limit, then you will be straightly informed. Along with having a valid license, you are also required to meet the age requirements of your respective dealership. Coz the vehicle is owned by them and since there are various different car manufacturing companies. The minimum age restriction is not uniform and it varies according to the dealerships near you. So it is recommended to do clear research before buying a car from your nearby showrooms.

Do you know why dealerships have a minimum age limit to allow people to test drive their car? The answer is simple. If people are coming to buy a car and asking to test drive it. Then it never means that they will surely buy the car. The person may or may not buy the car, and due to its uncertain probability. The person may use the car for doing fun or if the driver is underage, he or she may crash the car. It may be risky as there are several risks of road accidents and damage to life. And in return, the dealers have to rely on their insurance policies and use it for recovering the damages of the car. It will be a total loss for the dealers and the entire company also. So, it is always required to meet their age requirements prior to jumping on the test drive part.

Can a 17 year old test drive a car?

Tips for a smart test driver while testing the car:

  • If you are asked to test drive a car along with a dealership employee then it's perfect. But if you are asked to test drive entirely alone, then you are required to ask them if the vehicle has insurance. And if it covers all the damages caused by any kind of accident.
  • If you are with or without a dealership employee for the test drive. Ask him/her to explain all the controls of the car, and if the model is new to you. Ask the employee to be with you to prevent serious damages or accidents. The main focus should be given to the steering and the gears only.
  • For a safe test drive, always use the agency's empty grounds. If they ask you to run the car on highways or busy roads. Never allow them and convince them to allow you to drive on the grounds only. It will be empty, free and will reduce the risk of car accidents.
  • Apart from all other stuff, the driver must have a good focus on the car's acceleration. Prior to going to the highways, make sure to check the type of acceleration it has. The way it responds to brakes, the way it runs after shifting gears. And most importantly how the steering wheel changes the car's direction.

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How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself? Answered

How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself?

How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself? Airlines will allow any kid who is at least 5 to a teen who is at least 14.

Any passenger who is 5 years or older is allowed to get on a plane and fly alone. But the story takes a twist when it comes to the various different airlines. Every single airline service has its own rules and its own restrictions. The rules and laws vary from region to region, country to country and even continent to continent. People like you and me must go through their guidelines prior using any of their airline services. So, a kid who is not a baby and is 5 years or older can enjoy his/her trip flying solo. This modern era is modernising every single second, and the same is happening to the parenting system. Parents can allow their 5-year-old to enjoy his/her vacation, trip, visit or journey entirely alone. I don't think there is anything new for these 21st-century kids.

By the way, those children who are attempting to fly alone are formally termed as Unaccompanied minors or simply UMs. On simply doing a google search, Unaccompanied means those who don't have a companion or escort, whereas minors mean individuals with less importance. So, UM means individuals who are flying without a companion and are of less importance! Isn't that sound inferior? Just to say, these guys are the bravest ones! Talking particularly about the age, kids lying between the age of 5 and 14 only, are termed as unaccompanied minors. However, the age group is not fixed, it varies again with the airline services present out there.

Who are unaccompanied minors (UMs)?

According to Wikipedia, the unaccompanied minors or UMs are referred to those kids who are spotted without any parent or guardian by law. In full formal language, UMs are them, who are either separated from their parents or their relatives. They are known to be not cared and bothered by any of their known parents or relatives. However, relatives are just an exception, kids who are not taken care of by their parents or are separated from them due to any reasons are called unaccompanied minors.

But the Immigration law has some other declarations. According to the active immigration law in any country, children who have arrived from any foreign country and who are younger than 18 years of age are generally termed as unaccompanied minors or UMs. Provided that they have no known adult to take care after them. Please make sure that the term UM is only applicable to the foreign residents who are 18 years or below by age. Any person who is older than 18, is defined as a refugee and not as an unaccompanied minor or UM.

Laws are always bitter, aren't they? Guys those who are reading this post, please don't go with the above two paragraphs. The term UM is only referred to a kid who is not with his parents, that's it! So, never disallow your kids to fly alone after reading the so-called laws! How old do you have to be to get on a plane by yourself is a simple question to answer, isn't it!

Age restrictions by airlines for those who fly alone (UMs):

1. Lufthansa: The Lufthansa airline service allows only those passengers who lies between 5 to 11 years of age to fly alone in a plane. Provided that the passengers are along with a 12-year-old companion. Lufthansa also supports those teens who lie between 12 and 17 years of age to fly without any escort support. However, the escort service provided by Lufthansa is suitable for people like you and me. They charge up to 60 euros for escorting within Europe and charges up to 100 euros for flying between continents.

2. Wizz Air: According to the Wizz Air guidelines, the passenger must be at least 14 years old to fly alone in a plane. Anyone who is younger than 14 will not be entertained in the queue. Wizz Air also directs these teens to surely come with a companion or caretaker who is 16 or older. And all of them must appear under the same reservation.

3. Virgin Atlantic: The passenger must age between 5 to 12 years of age to use their services. The age group is valid only when the passenger(s) have filled the unaccompanied minors form with a valid signature of their parents. And those who are 5 years old or younger, need to be companied by a teen who is at least 16 years old. Moreover being a punctual airline, it demands the passengers to check-in at the perfect time. Any kind of delay will not be entertained by their respective authorities. To escort the UMs, the Virgin Atlantic will not charge anything extra but will treat the kid's tickets as of adult ones.

4. British Airways: The escort free British Airways demands the passenger to be at least 14 years old to fly alone internationally in a plane. But the condition is that prior to the reservation they have to provide a legit and valid consent of their parents or caretakers.

5. Flybe: Flybe allows only those passengers who are aged between 12 to 16 years of age to fly alone, provided no adult companion is required. The person can fly only when the seat is booked in advance. The passenger must book their seats before 2 - 3 months prior to the actual journey date.

6. KLM: KLM allows passengers between 5 to 14 years old to travel completely alone. Only under the reservation of the unaccompanied minor service. However, those who are 15 or older can fly entirely alone internationally. The escort service is completely optional, no hard and fast rule to opt for an escort service.

7. Aer Lingus: The airline of Aer Lingus have restricted the age to only 12 years for flying solo. But it has also got some fancy rules for separate age groups. Those whose age lies between 12 to 15 can travel without any companion. But those who are older can only fly after the submission of the form of indemnity by parents. But those who are younger can only fly with the company of a 16-year-old teen.

Is it safe to leave your kid to fly alone?

The answer is no. It's not safe to leave your kid to fly alone. But it will become a recommendation if you as a parent follow the following steps:

  • Kids are never kids if they know a couple of stuff. Before leaving your kid alone to enjoy his/her solo journey, you must make them aware of the outer world. The risks and disadvantages involved in it. They must be aware of the dangers and harms of flying alone.
  • Prior to sending your kids to an air journey, make sure they know their destinations clearly. They must have their reservation ticket with them, they must have their cell phones fully charged, they must have their food with them and should know the airport conditions.
  • Kids should always go out with an adult companion. And if not available, may know the negative facts. Flying alone may involve the risks of kidnapping, torture and other risks. Those kids who don't have their adult companion should always travel with a proper escort service. It will help them with their journey and with their time management.
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