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How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? Answered

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? You must be at least 18 years old to do so.

To deliver the orders of Doordash, you are required to be at least 18 years old. A person is required to be mature enough as similar to one who is 18 to deliver its orders. Apart from the age and like every other food delivering company, Doordash also wants the person to be highly punctual, capable of driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and loyal to his customers. Doordash is a US-based company and it will allow anyone who is 18 and have a little experience of time management to deliver its orders. But the person must have a smartphone and should register on the application prior to becoming a member of the food delivery system.

Some important FAQs for a dasher:

Delivering food is a hectic task and it requires a lot of management skills. As a dasher you have to be very punctual, know to cover distances fast and should also have a pleasant delivering behaviour. Being a dasher is not an easy task, and if you are a dasher or want to become one. You might have several different questions regarding it. Let's cover them one by one.

Q1. Can anyone become a dasher and deliver its orders?

Answer: No, not anyone but only those who are 18 or older can deliver for the company.

Q2. Which kind of vehicle can be used while delivering orders?

Answer: The dasher could use any type of vehicle (two/three/four-wheelers). But he/she must have a clean life record, along with a valid driving license and most importantly valid insurance. Any vehicle including bikes, cycles, motorcycles, cars etc. will be allowed. But they are required to be listed in the 'Info On your city" list.

Q3. What if I face an accident during delivery?

Answer: If a dasher meets an accident while delivery. Then he/she will be taken care of under the occupational accident coverage. This coverage contains a lot of health-related benefits and reliefs. Most importantly, it will help you with your medical expenses, disability threats and survivor benefits.

Q4. Does Doordash expect its dashers to have their own insurance?

Answer: Yes, Doordash wants a contractor like you to maintain his/her own insurance. The person should maintain the insurance in terms of its amount and its types as per the demand of the law. The person should maintain the insurance and also should keep it updating after the required time periods.

The answer to How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash? is easily covered, isn't it!

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

Tips for a dasher to handle pick up and drop off's:

As a dasher, you will come across a lot of orders. In order to be an efficient dasher, you must follow the below list prior to handling any case of picking up and dropping off an order:

  • Always try to manage your time. Reach the store and pick up the order a few minutes before the pickup time. Have a healthy contact with the customer and inform him/her on arrival. Make sure to call the customer just before ten minutes of arrival. Apart all, if you do not feel good to deliver an order, just inform the store beforehand so that someone else can do your job for that day.
  • Make sure to have an eye on the items you are picking up. Double-check the order given on the application along with the customer's name. Never touch any item other than those listed on the respective order ID.
  • Just be sure about the items being delivered. Match them with the items listed on the application. They should be exactly the same as ordered. Never take anything extra or wrong. If doubtful, ask the merchant to check the items prior to every delivery.
  • To serve the customer better, grab some freebies like a fork, some utensils, napkins, tissues, soups or any other add ons.
  • For reaching the delivery spot quick, follow the GPS and if still doubtful, just communicate with the customer beforehand.

How to deliver the orders in the safest way?

  • Just deliver as if your family needs it. In other words, deliver the food item with proper care and supervision. If possible ask for a hot bag to keep the food items fresh, safe and entirely secure. Apply general physics, and make sure to place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top. Place them carefully on the vehicle before starting off.
  • Make sure to identify and separate sensible food items. Keeping hot and the cold items separate from each other will be really helpful. And it will obviously reduce the risk of food damage.
  • Make sure to not disturb the food items while delivering it to the concerned. Never tamper the seal or try to taste it either.

How old do you have to be to deliver for doordash?

What about batched orders?

For your kind information, batched orders are orders that come in the same route of delivery. It is considered as a golden chance of earning more money delivering a single order.

  • To get its full benefits, the dasher is required to follow the colour codes prior to delivering the orders. Make sure to have a good look at the "Current dash" section of your application. Coz it will contain all the orders in their respective colour codes only.
  • Make sure to put a note after each delivery and mark it bold. It will simply help you to keep a record about the orders you have already delivered and the orders you haven't.
  • On successful deliveries of these orders, you will earn a good amount of money and it will be a good reward for your day's work.

What should a dasher wear?

Being a dasher is a difficult task. Along with managing time and deliver orders the dasher should also have a good sense of his dressing style. He or she is not required to wear a suit, boots and tie, but should always come in a normal dress. It should be nicely washed, nicely ironed and should not look funny.

Moreover, the dressing sense is completely unignorable because the dasher should be well dressed and well-groomed. Otherwise, the merchant will refuse to give him a catering bag to pick the orders in.